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2016 GBO Pro
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Monday, October 26, 2015

AI Sports Nutrition FURIOUS!

First off I want to thank AI Sports Nutrition for allowing me to try this product and review it. Their products are top notch and the quality is second to none.

I got a tub of FURIOUS which is their bad ass pre workout drink. I got the Booming Blue Raz flavor. I ran this product for a few weeks and the consistency in energy was always there. No crash either. I train 6 days a week and my training is often VERY intense so I needed a product that would do what it claims. FURIOUS did just that! 
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I mixed 1 scoop in 4oz of water. I like my flavor to be a tad strong, especially Blue Raz. It mixes so easily and there is no settlement at the bottom of my shaker cup. The flavor was REALLY good but I have to be honest and say it isn't the best Blue Raz i've ever had. I added a little Blue Raz flavoring from Kool Aid. Not much, just a half tablespoonful. Energy and drive were top notch. The energy flowed steadily and lasted the entire workout with no crash,

I highly recommend this product to those looking to step up their training a good bit. FURIOUS doesn't make you feel gittery or wired out like some pre-workouts do. It gives a steady flow of consistent energy and drive. It came in very handy on leg days!

Here's to a new you!
Matthew Eubanks
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Moxie Munch!

I found a really nice "treat" on the web the other day. I ran across Moxie Munch as I was in search of a new healthy snack that would easily fit into my macros. I am always looking for a snack or meal that is easy to prepare, easy to take on the go, tastes great and fits my macros. Moxie Munch fits all those!

What is Moxie Munch?

Moxie Munch is a dairy based snackable protein product for people of all ages. The Moxie Munch Power Foods team realized the need for healthier, better tasting, and more convenient protein products was not being filled in the market. After more "foody" experimentation and many different versions of Moxie Munch, the Power Foods team announced Moxie Munch.

I gave both flavors a try and must say they taste pretty darn good! They come in Honey BBQ (my new fav) and Apple Pie. Both flavors are fantastic but that Honey BBQ is the bees knees!

What are the macros?

A serving size is 1.6oz or 45g (which is 1 bag)
Calories are: 170 Calories from fat: 17

Fat: 2g
Carb: 18g
Pro: 21g

• Dairy Based Protein Product
• Over 20 grams of Protein Per Serving
• Gluten Free
• Great Source of Iron with 13% of Daily Needs
• Only 170 Calories

Moxie Munch has a shelf life of approximately 6 months.

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I want to thank the folks at Moxie Munch for allowing me to try their product! If you are looking for a tasty, healthy treat Moxie Munch is for you!!

Here's to a new you!
Matthew Eubanks
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