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2016 GBO Pro
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Muscle Egg High Protein Crepes!

I recently received some liquid egg whites from Muscle Egg Egg Whites! I decided to do a quick review of this awesome product and made a video of me using the product in a meal I literally eat every morning. Protein Crepes!! There are many versions of crepes you can make so there will be more videos!
Muscle Egg egg whites are pasteurized liquid egg whites and are an excellent source of protein for athletes and anyone looking to add more protein to their diet. A drinkable egg white that can be used in cooking or flavored and used as a protein drink. Ive made many protein shakes this way and its phenomenal! 8oz of Muscle Egg egg whites has - 26g of protein, 4g carbs, 0 fats and there's 16 servings per gallon.

So, who is Muscle Egg egg whites? "Muscle Egg is a Family owned enterprise. We are a state of the art egg processing facility that has been providing the highest quality eggs and egg products for over 50 years. Muscle Egg Liquid Egg Whites are produced in a USDA compliant facility with state of the art equipment. This ensures the safest, highest quality liquid egg whites possible. Our egg whites are salmonella, listeria and avidin free. Avidin, found in raw eggs, affects B vitamin biotin, stops it being absorbed, and causes problems with fatty acid synthesis and blood sugar levels. The pasteurising process for the liquid egg whites removes the avidin, and any salmonella or listeria, but the egg whites remain liquid, ready for cooking or immediate consumption."

Grab your gallon jug today and start enjoying this amazing product!

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Matthew Eubanks
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