Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Eat Smart CalPal Digital Bathroom Scale

I want to thank the folks over at Eat Smart for allowing me to review another one of their fantastic products. They were so kind to send me the Eat Smart CalPal Digital Bathroom Scale to try and give a review on.

Ok, let's get right into the what it is, what it does and my thoughts.

What it is:

The Eat Smart CalPal Digital Bathroom Scale is a sturdy bathroom scale that has a 440 lb. Capacity, BMI and Calorie Intake Analysis. For those that want to follow and control their BMI and calorie intake this is a great way to know where you're at.

What it does:

BMI Calculation Indicator - Track General Health Quickly and Easily by Estimating Needed Caloric Intake to Lose/Maintain Weight
  • Automatic User Identification Technology - CalPal immediately identifies the user based on past weights.
  • Illuminated Bright Blue backlit 3.5'' dual line LCD screen
  • 4 High Precision EatSmart Sensors - Consistent and accurate measurement up to 440 lbs or 200 kgs every time; Graduation increments of .1 lbs. / .1 kg. Sturdy 6mm thick tempered glass top and large 12" x 12" platform
  • Auto Calibrated; Auto Power-Off; Runs on 3 AAA batteries (included); 100% EatSmart Satisfaction Guarantee.

     My Thoughts:

    My first impression was awesome. The style of this scale was pleasant and wouldn't look like some old ugly scale in on my bathroom floor. This scale looks great. The display was my next favorite thing. EASY to read display, very bright and clear. It comes with a user guide that explains how to set it up so make sure that you read the book before you do anything else! It explains how to set the scale, enter information and how to read BMI.

    I'm not a follower or fan of tracking BMI. My BMI was 28.7 which means I am "overweight". I am a competitive Bodybuilder, weight 200lbs and my body fat is in the single digits....I'm not "overweight". But like I said some people follow the BMI way.
    Overall I am VERY impressed with this scale and will continue to use it. I am currently in contest prep and have a Bodybuilding contest November 22nd and I have to use the scale daily. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone and everyone rather you track BMI or not. The plus to the scale is it shows you the calories you need to lose/maintain your weight. Typically most take the calorie number it gives and subtract 500 calories and that's how you lose weight. Of course eating better and exercise go hand in hand.

    If you would like to purchase this amazing scale just click the link below, it will take you directly to the scale on Amazon.

    Thank you again Eat Smart for allowing me to review this product. You know i'm always available for any and all future product reviews for you.

    Here's to a new you!
    Matthew Eubanks
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    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

    Impact Sports sent me this amazing heart rate monitor to try out and review. I must say i'm very impressed! It is very simple to use and the display is really clear and easy to see. Most monitors I've used in the past had a grey background and black numbers, not bad, but not as user friendly as the epulse2!

    I put it on just before my HIIT cardio, my goal is to reach 80-85% of my heart rate max so that I really burn the body fat. The epulse2 did an outstanding job of monitoring my heart rate and as I said before, the display was super easy to see. If you're in the market for a really good heart rate monitor be sure to try the epulse2!

    The ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor gives continuous real time heart rate data without a chest transmitter. The ePulse2 is worn on the forearm and gives accurate and reliable heart rate data during your workout. Other features include target zones, calorie counter, and post-workout data review.

    The ePulse2 strapless heart rate monitor is yet another step forward in continuous strapless heart rate monitoring!
  • Continuous EKG-accurate heart rate with no chest strap
  • Slim low-profile design for comfortable wear
  • Next-generation advanced accelerometer sensor and digital signal processing
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Heart rate target zones
  • Minimum and Maximum heart rate during exercise
  • Full-featured stopwatch with split times
  • Advanced automatic calorie burn calculator
  • Small all-in-one design for forearm or wrist* wear
  • Full color organic LED display easy for day or night viewing with no backlight
  • Long-life rechargeable lithium battery - long life on every charge
  • On demand power saver feature for extended uses such as hiking
  • Includes: ePulse2 forearm unit, charger, instruction manual

    * wrist wear possible for some exercises such as running

  • Typically the monitor sells for Regular Price: $129.95 but it can be found on sites like for only $84.95 (sometimes less)

    Thank you Impact sports for allowing me to try this monitor! I will continue to use it and have my clients try it as well.

    Here's to a new you!
    Matthew Eubanks
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    Sunday, June 22, 2014

    Amino Ignite!

    I tried this new product for 30 days. I wanted to do a review on it and share my experience with this product with all of you. Thank you to Chris Allison for sending me this amazing product to try out. I was VERY impressed with this product and will use it again! My biggest problem with my training is endurance. My strength is fine and all goes great but about half way in to my training session I get very tired and endurance fades fast.

    Amino Ignite was a huge help in many areas but especially with endurance! My workouts were nothing shirt of perfect and even hit a few new personal bests! So, let's talk about what it is and what it does.....

    Amino Ignite is designed to improve athletic performance. It helps delay and reduce muscle fatigue and soreness by reducing lactic acid build up while increasing blood flow. Basically less pain MORE gain!

                                                                         Amino Ignite!

                                                              Directions and Ingredients

    I had phenomenal workouts while using this product. My energy, drive, endurance and stamina were all on point. The label said to start with 1 scoop, so I did and it worked really well but I am 210lbs and compete at 198lbs so 2 scoops was more effective for my goals and needs.

    Be sure to give this product a try. You won't be disappointed!


    Mixability: 10/10 mixed easily
    Flavor: 9/10 flavor was damn good!
    Effectiveness: 10/10 I have not 1 single complaint on this product!

    Here's to a new you!
    Matthew Eubanks

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