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2016 GBO Pro
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Product Review: 6 Pack Fitness

I recently received what I consider to be one of the most amazing inventions ever. It is called 6 Pack Fitness! Many people today find it near impossible to stick with their diets and what do you think is the main reason? Well, its poor planning of your meals! To many times people will go to work or out for the day and not take their food, or they take it in a cheap non effective insulated bag.

But what if you could pack 3 to 6 meals, supplements and a few protein shakes and put them all in one highly effective insulated bag? Well that bag is here! I love my 6 pack fitness bag. It keeps my hot food hot and my cold shakes cold. it also allows me to place my supplements in the top container for easy, safe storing. No other bag offers anything close to what the 6 pack fitness bag does!!

6 Pack Bags

6 Pack Fitness is an innovative health and fitness lifestyle company. Their products and solutions mix smart design, education and cutting-edge exercise and nutritional methodology to help health-minded people everywhere.

Like a newly designed running sneaker or innovative gym equipment, 6-Pack Fitness was born from a moment of enlightenment and a tiny drawing hastily scribbled by a man trying to remember his dream long enough to write it down.

Being entrepreneurs, Mark and Misha immediately decided to develop the Six Pack and over the next couple of days, the Six Pack grew from a rough sketch into a real vision. With the help of Sasha Plotitsa, an industrial designer and Misha’s childhood friend, they brought their two dimensional idea to life: the 6-Pack Meal Management System.

Even as the 6-Pack system was coming off of the production line, the trio had already decided to combine their talents and help fitness enthusiasts, dieters and strength trainers like Misha, attain a six pack body. They founded 6-Pack Fitness with the Meal Management System as their flagship product. With more innovations on the way, 6-Pack Fitness will continue to offer simply effective solutions to deal with the everyday obstacles of healthy living.

Here's to a new you!
Matthew Eubanks


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