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Monday, December 2, 2013

OSTRIM #1 Sports Nutrtion Meat Snack!

If there is one thing I really enjoy eating it's jerky. BEEF jerky that is. I am a huge fan of this tasty treat and eat it regularly. Thing is, there are so many out there now that claim to be healthy and natural and they aren't. Not one bit. So, I went searching to find a jerky product that was tasty but also healthy. I finally founf one! OSTRIM!!

OSTRIM (Protos Foods Inc.) was founded in 1996 on the belief that consumers have become more focused on wellness and the major role that nutrition plays in a wellness program.

The Company's first line of products was OSTRIM Beef and Ostrich Meat Sticks, designed for people who are serious about their nutrition. This line is made from a combination of naturally-raised ostrich meat and lean beef with no fillers.

 was the first and remains the #1 sports nutrition meat snack in the US market.

The company's vision is to continuously offer products that offer excellence in Nutrition, Flavor, and Convenience.

I finally found a low fat and high protein snack that actually tasted GREAT!! I admit I was skeptical at first but when I opened the first beef stick and gave it a try I was sold! I follow a rathe rstrict diet (I compete in Bodybuilding) so I have to keep track of what I eat. I am often on the go and need a meal thats easy to pack and go. OSTRIM made that a snap.

I tried the beef/ostrich sticks, beef/elk sticks, turkey sticks and the Paleo train mix. Each one was delicious. Not hard and chewy at all. Easy to chew and the flavor was amazing! Even my kids loved them! Now that was a shocker. Most kids when they hear the food is from wild game they tend to not want to try it. But my kids tried it and loved it!

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Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!!!

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Matthew Eubanks
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