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2016 GBO Pro
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Monday, October 26, 2015

AI Sports Nutrition FURIOUS!

First off I want to thank AI Sports Nutrition for allowing me to try this product and review it. Their products are top notch and the quality is second to none.

I got a tub of FURIOUS which is their bad ass pre workout drink. I got the Booming Blue Raz flavor. I ran this product for a few weeks and the consistency in energy was always there. No crash either. I train 6 days a week and my training is often VERY intense so I needed a product that would do what it claims. FURIOUS did just that! 
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I mixed 1 scoop in 4oz of water. I like my flavor to be a tad strong, especially Blue Raz. It mixes so easily and there is no settlement at the bottom of my shaker cup. The flavor was REALLY good but I have to be honest and say it isn't the best Blue Raz i've ever had. I added a little Blue Raz flavoring from Kool Aid. Not much, just a half tablespoonful. Energy and drive were top notch. The energy flowed steadily and lasted the entire workout with no crash,

I highly recommend this product to those looking to step up their training a good bit. FURIOUS doesn't make you feel gittery or wired out like some pre-workouts do. It gives a steady flow of consistent energy and drive. It came in very handy on leg days!

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Matthew Eubanks


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