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Monday, December 8, 2014

Man Cakes!

I tried Eat Man Cakes Protein Pancakes for the very first time and have to say this brand is amazing. The flavor of the protein pancakes was so very good! I have to say these were the best tasting protein pancakes ever. I've tried several brands and even made my own from scratch but Man Cakes is far better tasting and easier to make. They mix super easy in water and cook evenly. I've had some that would turn thick and clumpy for some odd reason. The macros on these pancakes is really good too. They easily fit within the macros I set for myself and my clients.

What are Man Cakes and what is in them?

Man Cakes are protein pancakes. Each Mancakes serving contains 6 Superfood Sources that provide 20-23g Protein and 4-10g Fiber with between 19g and 38 Net Carbs and 2-7g Sugar, all from soy-free and gluten-free sources. This makes Mancakes the best choice for getting the protein you need before or after your workout without any added sugars, empty carbs, cheap protein sources, or mystery ingredients - unlike those shakes and protein bars. 

Superfood Ingredients Include:
- Whey Protein Isolate    - Almonds
- Egg White Powder         - Flax Seeds
- Whole Grain Oats          - Garbanzo & Fava Beans

Each Mancakes style has a delicious flavor derived from their 100% all-natural sources and an amazing fluffy texture. You won't believe that something this healthy can taste this good.  Customers often comment that they even prefer the taste to regular pancakes. The flavor is truly very tasty and I'd rather eat these than any other pancke. Yep, even IHOPs. lol

Just like ordinary pancake mix, you can also add your own custom flavors directly into the batter like chopped nuts,  blueberries, chocolate chips, mashed bananas, apples, pretty much anything (add 1-2 Tablespoons per serving).

As for toppings, Mancakes taste great with maple syrup, agave nectar, honey, or fruit.  For lower carb options, try topping with peanut butter, yogurt, butter spread, or simply enjoy plain. I used Maple Syrup from Walden Farms so I could enjoy the sweet syrup flavor without adding sugar and more calories.

Mancakes come in 3 flavors. Buttermilk, Light Chocolate and Cinnamon Oat. All 3 were fantastic! If you was a tasty meal that's healthy then grab some Mancakes today!! I am confident you will love these pancakes and will be totally hooked!

Click HERE to purchase Mancakes or to order samples.

Here's to a knew you!!

Matthew Eubanks


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