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2016 GBO Pro

2016 GBO Pro
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Monday, September 5, 2011


I have always loved Power Lifting, Strongman and Bodybuilding. Ive trained for all of these but find Power Lifting to be my thing lately. Its a lot of work, heavy weight but totally worth all the sweat, blood and sore muscles. I recently entered a bench press meet in which I placed 1st in my age/weight class. I was very excited to get the gold medal! It made all the hard work worth it. Well, I was hooked and decided to train for another meet that is coming up October 22nd here locally. My goal is to place 1st again of course but I really want to beat what I maxed with last time. I had 3 attempts at bench and all 3 lifts were good and I was able to max out with 335lbs on my 3rd attempt. Now the time has come to beat that number and go on to hopefully beating the RAW bench press record which is currently 425lbs. As you can see I have a ways to go but I have until I turn 45 to beat that number. Unless someone beats me to it! I compete in a great organization called the USPA. A great group of people and basically everyone is family.

The USPA is responsible for sanctioning local and regional events where powerlifters can compete in hopes of qualifying for the national level events. The USPA sanctions the National Powerlifting Championship, National Benchpress Championship, and National Deadlift Championship in all age groups, giving athletes a chance to see how they fare against competitors across the country. Top competitors are selected by the USPA to compete in World championships- the World Men's and Women's Powerlifting Championships comprised of the Open, Junior/Teenage and Master Divisions and the World Bench Press Championships, and World Deadlift Championships comprised of the Open, Junior/Teenage and Master Divisions.

The USPA allows raw, single ply, and multiply gear and requires lifters to walk their squats out of the rack for raw and single ply. There is a USPA National Power lifting Championship, National Bench press Championship, and National Dead lift Championship. There are also State, American, and World records.

The USPA has many great athletes, some of the worlds finest lifters compete in this organization. Lifters such as:

                                                                             Al Caslow

                                                                      Ken Ufford

                                                                     Rob Luyando

Brandon "C4" Cass

Just to name a few, there are many more fine athletes within the USPA. To learn more about this organization just visit their site here: USPA

Here's to a new you!
Matthew Eubanks


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