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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Fat Loss Success Traits!

Read this and then read it again and again. My good friend posted this info on a site I moderate, she goes by IronpumpedLady and boy does she know her stuff!!

Below are 10 tips that have are the foundation
of getting super lean and staying that way.

These babies will help keep your metabolism

BUT, before I give you those I want to make
sure you're in the right frame of mind.

Yes, eating “right” all the time is difficult and
requires that you make some sacrifices.

There’s always a little give and take
if you want something, right.

So when it comes to your nutrition, you’re
going to have to make a commitment to

A commitment that your health and resulting
fat loss are far more important than having
those fleeting moments of ravenous food

That greasy, buttery, sugary food that entices
each one of us each day has to be sacrificed in
order to accomplish our goal of getting lean
and staying healthy.

You can’t have your cake and fat loss too…it
simply doesn’t work that way (I wish). Save
it for your "off" meal or "cheat" meal because
it can actually help you'll read.

With that said, here are 10 ways to keep on
track and keep your metabolism burning up
fat cells like Rush Limbaugh pops oxycontin! ;-)

(Yeah..I've used that one before, but it's funny!)

1 – Avoid drastic cuts in calories. A slight reduction
of 200-500 calories is plenty and will help you retain
the lean muscle you have.

2 – Eat frequently. 5-6 smaller protein rich meals
is a “Must” to keep optimal metabolic function.

3 – Increase protein. Protein has a greater metabolic
boosting effect than that of carbs or fat. 1 gram per
pound of body weight is ideal for those that exercise
3-5 times per week.

4 – Ditch the late night carbs! Instead, focus on lean
proteins (meat, eggs, fish, cottage cheese, etc) and
fibrous vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, spinach,
salad greens, etc).

5 – Water. Drink at least 80oz per day. With meals,
between meals, before meals, during exercise, after
exercise, before exercise…ok, you get it.

6 – Eat fat. Yep, fat.

There are far too many studies
showing the relationship between omega 3 fatty acids
and fat loss. So be sure to take 3-8 grams of fish oil
per day and/or 1-2 tbsp of Udo’s oil per day, but make
sure to account for those calories.

7 – Include a “Re-Feed” day….also known as a Cheat Day.

Keeping calories suppressed below maintenance levels
for more than 5-7 days can result in a cascade of potentially
negative hormonal and metabolic symptoms that will slow
down fat loss.

The solution. Take one day per week and eat a few hundred
additional calories from primarily carbohydrates. Yes, that
can include foods not normally on your “good” food list.

Enjoy yourself and at the same time, you’ll be keeping
your metabolic rate on fire!

8 – Blend it. If you’re having a tough time getting in
enough meals, whip up some power protein drinks.

One caveat….careful on the calories as drinking your
nutrition can add up quickly.

My rule of thumb is to add a green vegetable (spinach)
a berry (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, etc) a ½ to
full banana, some water and ice....along with a couple
scoops of whey protein powder.

If it’s not sweet enough, maybe add a little stevia to
sweeten it up.

Just remember to know how many calories you’re
putting in the blender because before you know it,
that “healthy” protein drink can add up to well over
500 calories!

9 – Keep grains to a minimum. Rice, pasta, bread,
wheat products, etc.

Not only are they dense in calories, they cause your
body to over secrete insulin and are high allergen

So keep them to a minimum and early in the day
if you choose to eat them at all.


It’s a fact that those who write down what they
eat, meal by meal, day by day, not only make
better choices, but make far better progress.

It’s simple, but it’s soooo important for your
long term success in losing body fat and
keeping it off.

As right, stay active and keep positive!

Here's to a new you!
Matthew Eubanks


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