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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Product Review: Super Charge Xtreme N.O

Labrada Super Charge Xtreme N.O., 800 Grams, Grape

I have tried many N.O products that are out there but by far SuperCharge! Xtreme N.O. gave me the most energy, pump, and endurance I have ever experienced! I took 2 scoops of this product and mixed it in a shaker bottle with 16oz of water. I drank about half on my way to the gym and sipped on the rest while I worked out. Let me tell you, the energy and pump were amazing! I had incredible mental focus and the muscle pumps were fantastic!

Xtreme N.O. gives you precise amounts of key ingredients to jack you up mentally, volumize your muscle cells for wild, mind blowing pumps, and hyper-speed your recovery so you can grow and get stronger for your next insane workout! It ignites your muscles with a unique 3-Phase delivery system that targets energy and pumps, strength and endurance, and recovery after your workout.

Phase 1- Energy & Pump

Phase 2- Strength & Endurance Complex

Phase 3- Post-Workout Recovery Complex

Instantly Increase Energy, Strength, Endurance
Instantly Increase Muscle Volume
Get Insane Pumps!
Increase Recovery and Production of Anabolic Hormones!
Up to 50 Workouts per bottle in 3 different awesome flavors!

I tried grape and it was awesome. It tasted exactly like grape koolaid!! So if you are looking for a delicious energy packed pre-workout drink, this is the one!

To try this product for yourself, Click Here!

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