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2016 GBO Pro
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Product Review: Muscle Pharm ASSAULT!

Muscle Pharm Assault, 2.6 Lbs., Blue Arctic Raspberry

This product is one of my all time favorites. Talk about pure energy? This stuff delivers exactly what you need to hit the gym and hit it hard. The energy flow is steady with no crash, no gitters and no nervous feeling. This product works great for both men and women!

ASSAULT was born after years of painstaking research and contains a meticulously engineered matrix of synergistic performance enhancing compounds formulated to ignite muscle growth, increase power output, maximize concentration, and super charge your energy and stamina. By combining such ingredients Muscle Pharm has provided bodybuilders, power lifters, and athletes with a potent pre-workout formula! Within just minutes after consuming your very first serving you will begin to feel the freakish effects of ASSAULT, and experience a level of focus and drive you have never known before.

This product got a rating of 9.3 out of 10 on

Here's to a new you!
Matthew Eubanks


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