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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Purus Labs Slinshot

I've been taking 2 SlinShot caps post workout daily. I take it approx 15min prior to my post workout meal. I've had really nice results from this product and feel it does as it claims. My body is growing and getting stronger and i'm not as sore as I use to be. This product is worth trying!

Purus Labs Slinshot - 90 Capsules

Developed To Facilitate The Uptake of Other Nutrients!
Management of blood glucose is important for athletes as well as non-athletes. Slinshot, an insulin sensitizer, contains Artemisia Dracunculus L. var. inodora. This ingredient may facilitate uptake of other nutrients commonly used by athletes (e.g., creatine).

Management of blood glucose following feeding is of importance for athletes and non-athletes. In relation to the former group, it is possible that post exercise feedings that contain high amounts of carbohydrate for purposes of glycogen replenishment may better be taken up into tissue via dietary support in the form of SLINshot. Moreover, this ingredient may facilitate uptake of other nutrients commonly used by athletes (e.g., creatine). Collectively, the product SLINshot from PURUS LABS may be used as an adjunct to an already well-designed exercise and nutrition plan targeting optimal blood glucose regulation and/or glycogen super compensation. Daily use of this product in conjunction with high carbohydrate meals, either post workout or at other times of the day as needed, may aid in heightened glucose clearance from the blood and uptake into tissue. This may not only improve glycogen replenishment in athletes seeking this outcome but may also maintain overall health as related to optimal blood glucose management (e.g., reduce the potential harmful effects of free radicals, improve energy and mood, reduce excess body fat accumulation, etc).
As with all nutritional supplements, potential users should consult their personal physician prior to using SLINshot. This especially applies to those individuals with known problems related to blood glucose regulation. In addition, potential users should review the product nutrition panel and label for information regarding the ingredient, dosing, and precautions for use.

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