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2016 GBO Pro
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cyclone Cup!

I love trying new things and when I saw this new shaker cup on Twitter I had to try it. They claim it is "The best shaker ever!" So I wanted to find out for myself. I got my shaker cup in the mail and instantly loved it.

I got the green Cyclone Cup (I'm a huge HULK fan) and really liked the way this shaker cup looked. Durable, light weight, stylish and looks hardcore. This shaker cup is nothing like I've seen before and couldn't wait to test it out. One of the main things that stood out for me is that it is BPA free. It is non toxic and made from recyclable materials. SAFETY. I like that.

The shaker claims to be drip free. Now that is one thing that happens A LOT with the other brands I've used. Within a few days or even sometimes on the very first use, the shaker cup leaks and drips. Not this one! I've been using it for over a week and not once has it dripped, leaked or anything.

The shaker has a removable cup on the bottom of the shaker to store anything you need. Pre-Workout powder, Intra-Workout powder, Whey etc. I tried each one to make sure it mixed completely. My pre/intra and post workout shakes are all different so I wanted to see how well this shaker would mix thin powder and thicker powder. There was not one clump or anything floating in the shaker when I shook them up. Each one blended perfectly unlike the shaker cups that use a whisk ball inside!!

They come in several cool colors as well!


I want to thank the Cyclone Cup makers for sending me this amazing shaker cup. I will be tossing my other shaker cups out today and will be buying a few more of the Cyclone Cups!! This is a very solid product and I recommend it to anyone and everyone wanting a quality shaker cup!!

Here's to a new you!
Matthew Eubanks


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