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2016 GBO Pro
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wow, where to start...? I tried these Big Back Lifting Grips for a week and have to say I'm sold! By far the best grips I've ever used. They are so simple but yet so very effective. They are truly a solid product and should be in every ones gym bag!

Why They Created Big Back Lifting Grips

Larry Greenfield, the creator of Big Back Lifting Grips, has been lifting weights for more than 30 years. A competitive bodybuilder, trainer and gym manager, Larry understands the problems that lifters have with their grip, and how it inhibits a really great workout. Especially a back workout. Rough metal handles tear up your hands. Smooth handles slip out of your hands. Squeezing down with a “death grip” causes injury. And lifting gloves, lifting straps, lifting hooks, and chalk all have their problems that distract from a perfect set.

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So he went looking for a simple lifting grip for himself and found only overpriced contraptions and ineffective afterthoughts and no serious attempts at a simple, effective grip for lifting. He tested a variety of materials among bodybuilders, trainers, and regular “after work” lifters at 5 different gyms in in around Los Angeles. When they said, “This is perfect – stop,” he stopped. And Big Back Lifting Grips were born. As a simple lifting pad, Big Back Grips are durable, convenient and oh so “grippy”.

Big Back Grips Vs. Lifting Straps

I'll be the first to admit, I was hooked on lifting straps. They did all the work really. The straps held on to the weight for me and sadly, over time, my forearms became much smaller and much weaker! The amount of weight I could lift with the straps was awesome but not really effective. But by using Big Back Lifting Grips I get a much better workout, a much better and more reliable grip that's pain free!

Big Back Grips vs. Gloves

I use to wear lifting gloves. I'd say maybe the first 3-4 years of training. But I noticed my grip was weak, my hands hurt all the time and my hands were sore to the bone. I visited my doctor and he said the barbell / dumbbell was sliding in my hand even with the gloves and basically causing it to apply so much pressure on the muscles of the hand with a sliding or rubbing type fashion. This is what was causing me pain. So, I dropped the glove and ended up with bad calluses. The kind that have to be scraped off or filed down. Then came along Big Back Grips!! No more calluses!!

Are Big Back Grips only for working lats?

Not hardly! They can be used on any body part. The grip they provide is second to none!

So if you're looking for a solid product that will help you get the very most out of your hard training, use Big Back Grips!

Here's to a new you!
Matthew Eubanks


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