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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spaghetti' And Meatballs

When someone starts up on a diet, pasta is often one thing they miss the most. Since pasta is both high in calories and carbohydrates, it is often one of the first things that people will remove from their diet.

Luckily it's fairly easy to come up with a suitable substitution that will help satisfy your craving - spaghetti squash.


1 envelope dry onion soup mix
1 pound ground turkey
1/2 cup dry oats
1 egg + 2 egg whites
1 spaghetti squash
2 cups low-sodium prepared pasta sauce


Beat the egg whites together and then combine with remaining ingredients. Once moist, form into small balls and set aside. Next, half the spaghetti squash and then place cut side down on a microwaveable tray in about 1/2 an inch of water. Microwave for 6-8 minutes and then let stand for five.

Meanwhile, sauté meatballs in a small amount of olive oil or chicken broth until cooked through. Scrape out the strands from the spaghetti sauce and top with heated pasta sauce and meatballs. Sprinkle over a small amount of light parmesan cheese.

Here's to a new you!

Matthew Eubanks


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