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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Protein Crepes!

This is a recipe for my Protein Crepes. There are several ways to make these, you can add raisins, nuts, fruit or any other food item you like. This recipe is a basic one just to show you how I make them.


2 cups Egg Whites International
1 cup quick oats
Natural Peanut Butter (to taste)
Honey (to taste)

How to:

First, blend the quick oats in a blender at high speed, this will make it more powder like, and set it aside. Next, pour 2 cups Egg Whites International into the blender, then blend on low speed. Slowly add the quick oats. Once both are blended a little turn the speed on the blender up to high and blend for 30 seconds. (It doesn't have to be exactly 30 but you get the idea) to make the batter.

Have a frying pan heated and ready. I turn my heat to medium. Now as we all know stove temperatures vary, so you want to set the heat high enough to cook an egg basically. Use Pam cooking spray in the pan. When the pan is hot and the batter is ready, slowly pour in the batter. The more you pour in the pan the bigger it will be so adjust accordingly. Once in the pan you can thin it out by lifting the pan off the burner and swirling it a little to spread the batter out wider (Note: The batter will be very thin, kind of watery, not thick like pancake batter).

Once cooked on one side, flip it over. While it is cooking the other side you can add the peanut butter. It is a little hard to spread Natural Peanut Butter so do your best. When it is done place it on a plate and add the honey, ( you can also add raisins, nuts, fruit or whatever you like here) roll it up and enjoy!

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Mom Getting Fit said...

These are YUMMY!! I could eat them everyday!!

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